Ice Skating

Every Fall, the Upper Pond of the whitewater system converts into a one-of-a-kind ice skating experience open to all ages and experience levels.

Available mid-November through mid-February.

The Whitewater Center’s ice rink consists of over 24,000 sq. ft. of unique skating space split into four distinct skating areas, including two ice trails and two free skate zones.

Centered in the converted pond is an on-ice Airstream serving hot and cold beverages when guests need a skate break.

Green CircleDifficult
Blue SquareMore Difficulty
Black DiamondMost Difficult
Difficulty i Green CircleDifficult Blue SquareMore Difficulty Black DiamondMost Difficult

Ice Skating

Age: None

Pass Options

Pond Hockey

Shred some ice this winter in the all new 3 vs 3 Pond Hockey league.

What to Wear


Skate rentals are included in pass purchases.


Socks are required and must be provided by the guest.

Where to Check-In

River Center

Ice Skating


Can I bring my own skates?

Yes, guests can bring their own skates but will still need to purchase a Day Pass or Single Activity Ice Skating Pass.

Are skate rentals included in the pass?

Yes, skates are included in the pass price and are required to be on the ice.

Are the ice skates sharpened on a regular basis?

Yes, staff will sharpen the skates on a periodic basis throughout the winter season to maintain the blades and ensure there are no issues with the gear.

Do you condition the ice, and if so, how often?

Yes, the team conditions the skating surface on a periodic basis. The schedule may vary by day, but the team is actively evaluating ice conditions at all times.

What ages can participate in ice skating?

Guests of all ages can participate in skating so long as the guest is able to walk.

When will Ice Skating be open?

Ice Skating will be open during the day and evening mid-November through mid-February.

Will Ice Skating be available on holidays?

Yes, Ice Skating will be open on both Thanksgiving and Christmas from 4:00 PM – 10:00 PM.