Pond Hockey

Shred some ice this winter in the all new 3 vs 3 adult Pond Hockey league. Join the recreational division just for fun or compete in the competitive division for top honors. League play starts the first week of January and continues through mid-February culminating in a playoff bracket to crown the inaugural league champions.
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Ice Hockey
3 vs 3

Event Info

Recreational Division

  • Mondays & Wednesdays

    Teams of 5-10

    $125 / person

Competitive Division

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays

    Teams of 5-10

    $125 / person

Individuals looking to join a team please contact [email protected]

Additional Information

General Rules

  • Players must be 18+ to participate.
  • Each team is required to roster 5-10 players.
  • Players can only be registered with one team during a season.
  • If a game is cancelled due to weather, a make-up game will be held on the following Friday or Sunday.
  • All players must check-in at the River Center 15 minutes prior to the start of the game to receive a wrist band.
  • All games are self-started at center ice. The away team will begin with possession in the first half, the home team will begin with possession in the second half. Teams will switch sides after the first half.
  • Games will be composed of two 20-minute halves with a 5-minute halftime. Games will utilize a running clock
  • All games are running-time and substitutions can be made during play (“on-the-fly”) or while a puck is being retrieved. Substitutions must take place through the designated gate. There is no stoppage of play after a goal is scored, or after a penalty is awarded. It is up to each team to ensure that there are only three players on the ice.
  • A Whitewater employee will be the off-ice scorekeeper and will act as the trusted official, not as a referee. They will monitor scoring possessions, puck resets, and arbitrate major infractions.
  • All players must wear standard hockey helmets with a chin strap, hockey gloves and hockey skates. Other protective equipment is optional but highly recommended. Helmets must have a HECC sticker that is not expired.
  • No goalie equipment or goalie sticks permitted.
  • All teams must have light and dark jerseys or uniforms. Home teams wear dark, away team wears light.

Rules Continued

  • Any ejected player must meet with league management prior to being allowed back into the league. In some circumstances the ejected player will not be allowed back into the league.
  • Players cannot fall or lay on the ice in an effort to protect the goal area. Such action will be considered intent to injure and will be awarded a major penalty.
  • Goaltending is not allowed. A player may not patrol, “camp out” or remain stationary in the crease area and act as a goaltender. A defender may deflect the puck in the crease area, but the defender must do so while continuing to move through the crease area. The crease area is defined as an imaginary box extending out four feet from the outside corners of the goal. Goaltending also applies to offensive players in the offensive zone/goal as well. In the referee’s opinion the goaltending violation prevented an imminent goal, the referee can award the goal at their discretion.
  • Setting picks in offensive zone is not allowed.
  • Contacting the puck with a stick above the waist will result in a loss of possession.
  • Saucer passes (i.e. pucks that are lifted low, below the knee) are acceptable.
  • There are no off-sides or icing calls.
  • Goals can be scored from any area of the rink.
  • The official will call out the score after each goal. This includes goals scored by players or awarded from penalties.
  • Teams must give their opponents 1/2 ice after a goal is scored, an infraction occurs, or the puck goes out of bounds.


Minor and/or major penalties will be awarded at the discretion of the Whitewater Official. The chart below details the type of penalties and possible actions

  • Minor Penalty
    • Change of Possession
    • Penalty Shot
  • Major Penalty
    • Change of Possession
    • Penalty Shot
    • Ejection from game

The following chart describes what penalties may be awarded for each infraction. Any other infraction not listed will be awarded a penalty at the discretion of the Whitewater Official.

  • Minor Penalty
    • Goaltending
    • More than 3 players on ice
    • Lifting (elevating the puck to above knee height)
    • Contact of Checking
  • Major Penalty
    • Contact or Checking
    • Intent or actions that could result in injury to yourself or another player
    • Slapshots
    • Verbal abuse towards Official or Opposing Team

Whitewater Officials reserve the discretion to award penalties as they see fit.


  • There will be no overtime for regular season games
  • In the event of a tie, during playoff or championship games, play will move to sudden death format. A stick tap face-off will take place at center ice and play will continue for up to 3 minutes of overtime or until a goal is scored. If no goal is scored in two periods of 3-minute overtime, the game will move to a sudden death shootout. Players will rotate taking penalty shots. If one team scores and the other doesn’t, the game ends and the team who scored during sudden death wins. If both teams miss, or if both teams make the shot, rounds continue until the game is over. A player may not take another penalty shot until all other players on their team have taken a shot.
  • It is the responsibility of the team captain to ensure the correct game score has been logged on the scorecard, sign the score card and submit it to the official. By signing the scorecard at the conclusion of the game, your team captain is acknowledging that they agree with the final score. Teams cannot contest scores/results after they have signed the scorecard.
  • Any scoring challenges must be addressed by the registered team captain with [email protected] within 60 minutes of the end of the game.
  • In the event of a forfeit during non-playoff play, the team who did not forfeit will receive a win and the score will be assigned 3-0 for tiebreaker purposes.
  • You can download the rules here


  • Snowball's Chance Short Track Skate Race 2022


Optional add-on to registration

  • pond-hockey_jersey


Playoffs will take place February 7th -10th. Teams can be scheduled for any day that week.

Recreational Division

  • Mondays & Wednesdays
  • 6:00pm Games begin
  • 10:00pm Games conclude

Competitive Division

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • 6:00pm Games begin
  • 10:00pm Games conclude