Fly over rapids and through the forest at the Whitewater Center.

Ziplining is a recreational activity that involves traveling from a high to low elevation using gravity. The participant is secured to the zipline by a trolley system and harness.

Green CircleDifficult
Blue SquareMore Difficulty
Black DiamondMost Difficult
Difficulty i Green CircleDifficult Blue SquareMore Difficulty Black DiamondMost Difficult

North and South Rim Zips *New Activity*

Two ziplines with accompanying rope bridges span the entire width of the Canyon area, totaling 800 feet. Suspension Bridges provide access.

Available as a night activity beginning November 17. Experience a new take on the Canyon with illuminated, night-activities including access to the Suspension Bridges and the North and South Rim ziplines.
Age: 45 to 265 pounds

Figure 8

Features the two longest ziplines at the Whitewater Center with a series of cable bridges through the forest. Reservation required.
Age: 70 to 265 pounds

Double Down

Provides guests the most expansive view of the Whitewater Center while experiencing the two longest ziplines. Reservation required.
Age: 70 to 265 pounds

Pine Zip

A combination of a zipline and jump reached by climbing a telephone pole. An autobelay system at the top sends guests on a quick, controlled descent to the ground.
Age: 45 to 265 pounds

Canyon Zip

Two 200-foot-long ziplines sit atop a 20-foot platform tucked away under the tree canopy.
Age: 45 to 265 pounds

Pass Options

  • All Access Pass (Day Pass, Annual Pass)

Figure 8 & Double Down Reservations

Figure 8 and Double Down each require a reservation ($10) in addition to an All Access Pass or Annual Pass. Reservations may only be made onsite.

What to Wear


Secured, closed toe shoes are required.

Provided Gear

The USNWC will provide all necessary technical equipment for the experience.


Guests must be wearing a shirt with their midriff covered and shorts or pants. Skirts and dresses are not permitted.

Where To Check-In

Figure 8, Double Down, and Pine Zip: Hawk Island

Canyon Zip: Ridge/Canyon



What are the age and weight requirements for the ziplines?

There is no minimum age requirement, but you must weigh between 70 and 265 pounds for Double Down and Figure 8, and between 45 and 265 pounds for all other zip lines.

Do ziplines require reservations?

Figure 8 and Double Down require an upgrade and reservation. All other ziplines are walk-up and included with the Day Pass.

What should I wear?

Close toed shoes with a heel strap, a shirt, and shorts or pants are required for all ziplines.

Do the ziplines operate in the rain?

Yes, the only time we will close the ziplines is for lightning

Can I use a GoPro camera?

Go-Pros/action cameras can be used only on a helmet with an appropriate J Hook mount. Guests must provide their own helmet with the appropriate mount in order to use their camera.

How long do the ziplines take?

Zipline activities can take up to two hours to complete.