Flatwater Kayaking + SUP

Discover the waterways and natural wildlife by flatwater kayak or stand-up paddleboard.

Flat water kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding take place on the Catawba River and Long Creek. Discover local wildlife and paddle around islands to create your own adventure.

Green CircleDifficult
Blue SquareMore Difficulty
Black DiamondMost Difficult
Difficulty i Green CircleDifficult Blue SquareMore Difficulty Black DiamondMost Difficult

Flatwater Kayaking (Tandem/Solo)

Age: 4 years old (Tandem)

12 years old (Solo with adult on the water at all times)

16+ (solo without supervision)

Flatwater Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Age: 12 years old (Solo with adult on the water at all times)

16+ (solo without supervision)

Pass Options

  • All Access Pass (Day Pass, Annual Pass)
  • Single Activity Pass

What to Wear

Provided Gear

A PFD (Personal Flotation Device) is provided and required at all times.

Where To Check-In

Flatwater Trip Talk

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What is the difference between whitewater and flatwater kayaking?

Whitewater kayaking is performed in rapids of varying difficulty using specific kayaks. Flatwater kayaking is done on calm bodies of water using recreational style kayaks. Flatwater requires little or no experience while whitewater kayaking requires instruction, prior experience and specific equipment.

Flatwater kayaking is included in the Annual Pass, Day Pass, and Single Activity Pass and takes place on the Catawba River. Whitewater kayakers may access the whitewater channels with the purchase of a Day Pass or a Single Activity Pass.

Is there a place that you can swim on the Catawba River or at the Whitewater Center?

No, Whitewater Center does not permit voluntary swimming in the whitewater channel or on the Catawba River during regular operating hours. There are specific events or races where swimming is included and authorized. For more information on specific swimming events, you can reference the Race Series and River Jam tabs.

Am I able to leave my personal belongings unattended while participating in the flatwater activity?

No, personal items should not be left unattended at any point during your visit to the Whitewater Center. You may hold onto your items while participating in flatwater activities, rent a storage bin or single-use locker at one of our guest service outlets or secure your belongings in a personal vehicle.

What if I have never kayaked before?

Flatwater kayaking is a perfect activity for both novices and experienced paddlers alike. Self-guided trips or group clinics are available to suit your needs.

Can I bring my own boat?

Flatwater kayaks are included with the price of a Day Pass or Single Activity Pass, but guests with their own boats are welcome to portage them to the Flatwater Dock.