Deep Water Solo

Climb the world’s first deep water solo climbing complex.

Deep Water Solo is available from late-spring through fall.

Deep Water Solo is a form of rock climbing that utilizes falling into a deep pool of water instead of traditional climbing protection. The Whitewater Center’s Deep Water Solo Complex has five walls ranging from 20 to 45 feet in height.

Green CircleDifficult
Blue SquareMore Difficulty
Black DiamondMost Difficult
Difficulty i Green CircleDifficult Blue SquareMore Difficulty Black DiamondMost Difficult

Deep Water Solo

Age: 8 years old, Swim Skill

Pass Options

  • All Access Pass (Day Pass, Annual Pass)
  • Single Activity Pass

What to Wear

Swim Suit

Appropriate swimming attire is recommended.


Secured, closed toe shoes are required.

Where To Check-In

Deep Water Solo Complex on Hawk Island.



What is Deep Water Solo?

Deep Water Solo is a climbing discipline involving free climbing over a body of water. Rather than utilizing ropes and harnesses, a climber free falls into the water upon release from the climbing surface.

Do I need to know how to swim to participate in DWS?

Yes, the ability to swim is a requirement for this activity.

Are life guards on duty at the Deep Water Solo climbing complex?

Yes, Deep Water Solo will have a certified lifeguard on duty at all times when the activity is accessible to pass holders.

How long is a Deep Water Solo climbing session?

Sessions are 30 minutes in duration. Guests may access multiple sessions on their day of visit.

Do you have to have shoes?

Yes, all climbers must have close toed shoes with a heal strap.