Off Leash

Experience unleashed play within the 70 acres and 1.5 miles of trails at Off Leash.

The Whitewater Center has always been a world-class destination for guests and their canine companions, offering woods, lakes, and trails to explore. Now these outdoor experiences can be enjoyed without restraint.

Within the Off Leash area is a pebble beach, dock, and dog wash station. Guests can hike, walk, and run along the 1.5-mile Lake Loop trail, which runs along the area’s chain of lakes. There is also plenty of open space and wooded areas for guests and their dogs to spread out from others, play fetch, practice training exercises, and more.

Guests start their experience at the newly constructed Barley House on the premises. This building is home to a new retail and food & beverage outpost, where guests can purchase food, treats, and beer — with offerings for both people and their dogs.

Green CircleDifficult
Blue SquareMore Difficulty
Black DiamondMost Difficult
Difficulty i Green CircleDifficult Blue SquareMore Difficulty Black DiamondMost Difficult

Off Leash Access

Age: Dogs must be 4 months old and vaccinated

Pass Options

  • All Access Pass (Day Pass, Annual Pass)
  • Single Activity Pass
    $10 day/20 monthly

What to Wear

Collar and tag

Dogs must have a collar with an identifying tag.

Where To Check In

Barley House

March '24 Barley House - Sean Richard
Off Leash Map 2024


What are the Off Leash rules and regulations?

How much does it cost to enter Off Leash?

Guests can access Whitewater Off Leash by purchasing a $10 single activity pass, a $20 monthly Off Leash pass, or a $149 annual pass. The annual pass grants guests access to all Whitewater activities (including rafting, climbing, ziplines and more) for one year.

Guests must purchase one pass per dog, and there is a maximum of three dogs per person. Annual passholders can add an additional dog to their pass for $50 per dog.

Passes must be purchased onsite. There is no cost to enter Off Leash without a dog.

How do I get to Off Leash?

Guests will enter the main Whitewater entrance at 5000 Whitewater Parkway and follow the signs through South Lot Parking to the Off Leash parking lot. Once parked, guests will keep their dogs on leash until after they enter the double gates into Off Leash.

What are the Off Leash hours of operation?

Operating hours vary seasonally. Please refer to the daily activity schedule for today’s hours.

Will the Lake Loop trail be open to mountain bikes?

No, the Lake Loop trail within Off Leash will be for hiking and running only.

How will Whitewater handle aggressive dogs?

Dogs that are in heat, aggressive, or sick are not allowed inside the facility. Dogs that exhibit aggressive behavior will be required to leave.

Can I leave my dog at Off Leash and go participate in other pass activities?

No, you are responsible for your dog, and you are required to keep an eye on your dog at all times.

Can I swim in the lake with my dog?

No, humans are not allowed to enter the lakes/ponds.