Flatwater Kayaking Lesson

Flatwater kayaking is a great way to be introduced to kayaking for the first time. Flatwater Kayaking Lessons answer questions you may have while getting started, including how your body, boat, and paddle work together to create effective stroke techniques and safe launching and landing techniques.

Flatwater SUP Lesson

The Catawba River offers a scenic flatwater environment that is the perfect place to be introduced to stand-up paddle boarding or dial in SUP specific techniques. First-time participants can expect to learn the basic knowledge and skills necessary to gain confidence on the water while more advanced participants will take in-depth looks at techniques such as strokes and footwork.

Intro to Whitewater Kayaking

Learning to whitewater kayak for the first time? The Intro to Kayaking Lesson equips first-time paddlers with the knowledge, techniques, and skills necessary to paddle whitewater. Working with our professional instructors, students will learn the essential skills of boat control, ferrying, downriver progression, and more as they are introduced to the world of whitewater kayaking.

Two-Day Kayaking 101

A group course is designed to equip first-time paddlers with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in a variety of river environments by focusing on core fundamentals and their application to all whitewater situations.