River Jam Run

Take your weekday run off-road in this 5k-ish/10k-ish trail race on the second Thursday of every month from May through September.


Frigid Trail Race & Plunge

Brave the cold with 5k and 10k trail race options followed by a plunge into the Deep Water Solo pool.


Color Me Green 5K Run

Go green with a 5K color run through the trails. Leprechaun sightings are always possible so keep your eyes peeled. Stick around after the run for Green River Revival.

Early registration is now open for the Color Me Green 5K Run on March 16th, 2024

A Shot in The Dark Night Trail Race

Charge your headlamp and get ready to tackle the trails in the dark. Compete in a 5K or 10K distance and cross the finish line under the moonlight.

Time Laps 24-Hour Relay Race

Camaraderie, camping, competition and a whole lot of trail running. Gather your friends and compete in a 24-hour trail running relay race. Points are awarded based on number of completed laps and level of difficultly. Idle team members will compete in a series of mini-competitions at Race HQ while team members are out running.

Uncharted Adventure Race

Test your navigational, riding, running, and paddling skills in the 4 or 8 hour adventure race. Competitors will navigate the Whitewater Center, surrounding public lands and the Catawba River using UTM Coordinates to find check points scattered throughout the woods. Compete solo or as a team of two, three, or four.