Dynomite Bouldering Competition

Chalk up and tackle bouldering problems. Competitors in various divisions will vie for top scores based on difficulty and attempts at the Whitewater Center’s Climbing Center. All skill levels welcome.

V0 - V7+
Difficulty Range
Charlotte, NC

Competition Info


  • Pre-registration

    Last day to pre-register is September 13, 2024


  • Day-of Registration

    If available


Additional Information


There will be a total of 6 categories that will be eligible for awards. 3 divisions based on climbing ability for both male and female competitors.



•Advanced (V7+)

The chief judge will bump competitors that complete two or more routes that have been pre-determined as falling in the next division according to difficulty.

This competition does not count towards USA Climbing standings.

Start & Finish

  • Competitors must start the problem with both hands on the start hold(s) and their feet must be off of the ground before advancing on the problem.
  • Once both feet leave the ground, the climb will be considered an attempt.
  • Competitors must show a two hand, controlled finish on the route to gain points.
  • Spotting and crash pads are recommended but not required.
  • Participants planning to use crash pads are responsible for bringing their own.


  • Final scoring will be based on a total of a competitors top 5 completed climbs.
  • Competitors must have a witness signature on their score card for each completed problem in order to score points.
  • Competitors will have a 3 hour window to climb starting at 9am and ending at 12pm and may climb as many routes as possible during this time frame.
  • Once a scorecard is turned in competitors cannot receive it back.
  • Problems can only be completed once for scoring.
  • Ties will be broken by total number of attempts. If scores remain tied, the highest value completed route on the climbers score card will serve as a secondary tiebreaker.


  • A climber may call a technical if a hold spins or breaks on route during their climb.
  • Competitors may decide to continue the climb and accept the malfunction or they can step down immediately and wait for the comp officials to fix the problem without consequence. If the competitor elects to continue climbing and accept the malfunction and is unsuccessful in that attempt, the attempt still counts as failed.
  • If a competitor uses a hold that is off route then it counts as a failed attempt and they must drop off the wall.

Photo Gallery

  • Dynomite Bouldering Comp - 2022
Dynomite Bouldering Comp - 2022
  • 20220917-2Q9A8971
  • Dynomite Bouldering Comp - 2022
Dynomite Bouldering Comp - 2022
  • Dynomite Bouldering Comp - 2022Dynomite Bouldering Comp - 2022
  • Dynomite Bouldering Comp - 2022
Dynomite Bouldering Comp - 2022

Race T-Shirt

Dapper Ink race shirts are only guaranteed to those who pre-register on or before September 2nd, 2024.

  • T Shirt Coming Soon



  • Saturday, September 14, 2024
  • 8:00am Bouldering Competition day-of registration and packet pick-up begins
  • 8:45am Mandatory competitors meeting
  • 9:00am Bouldering Competition starts
  • 12:00pm Bouldering Competition ends
  • 12:30pm Bouldering Competition awards


Awards will be given to the top 3 place male and female winners in various categories.

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