A course exposing students to low and no-light swiftwater and flood rescue scenarios.

Course Content Includes:

Safety concerns of night rescues

Formal ICS set up for night operations

Proper equipment needed for night time rescues

Scenarios using simple, commonly used swiftwater applications (ropes, live bait, swims)

Scenarios using complex rescue systems with rafts and rope systems

$150 (Water fee will be determined based on hours water will be on)
18+ Years Old
8 to 9 hours
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Minimum Gear Requirements
Appropriate attire for weather (dry suit, wetsuit, etc.)
Waterproof headlamp
Helmet (lightweight water or kayak helmet)
PFD (USCG Type III or V)
Closed toed shoes (thick-soled water booties or tennis shoes)
Throw bag
Two locking carabiners
Any additional rigging gear your team would like to use (not required)
Must have completed the USNWC SWR I and II (or equivalent) within the last 2 years.
Basic swimming ability.
Course Capacity
10 – 18 participants.