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Begin your day with an in-depth yoga experience, followed by a specially catered brunch. Participate in unique yoga interpretations ranging from workshops to immersive flows, followed by brunch with a mimosa.


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9:15am: Check-in Begins at South Ridge Pavilion
9:30am: Yoga Class at South Ridge Pavilion
10:30am: Brunch at Trail Center


Balanced Brunch features a made-to-order menu.
Guests have the option of an entrée and side along with a mimosa.


South Ridge

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Practice Descriptions

September 10: Mindful Slow Flow Forest Bath

Connect with your senses as you flow through the forest, soaking in the energy of the trees. This is your chance to connect deeply with the elements and invite your nervous system to rest and reset. The pace will be slow, and the sounds will be natural.

  • Tuck Fest 2023 - Chloe Blakemore

September 24: Flowing Fascia: Elevate Your Movement

Immerse yourself in a revitalizing vinyasa flow experience that has been meticulously designed to improve your mobility and range of motion. Begin your journey with asana postures that have been thoughtfully sequenced to demystify intricate poses while fostering a harmonious flow between each movement.

  • Tuck Fest 2023 - Chloe Blakemore

October 1: Spiritual Power Flow

Victoria Martinez, 500hr RYT, takes you on a transcendent journey that blends physicality and loving conscious awareness. Expect to feel a powerful fusion of mind, body, and soul as you move through this transformative flow. With equal emphasis on the physical and philosophical aspects of yoga, this practice invites you to tap into your inner strength and harness the energy that resides within. As you flow through the sequence, you will feel the convergence of breath, movement, and intention, unlocking a heightened sense of awareness and connection to nature and the beauty of the natural setting at the Whitewater Center.

  • Tuck Fest 2023 - Chloe Blakemore

October 15: Breath & Asana: Explore the Symbiosis

Participate in a transformative session in which the art of breathing is seamlessly intertwined with the grace of movement. Explore a variety of breath sequences that support a graceful vinyasa flow, cultivating a profound connection between the two. Immerse yourself in this practice with the goal of achieving a more profound savasana, which will lead you to an exploration of consciousness.

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  • Catering - Sean Richard
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  • Catering - Sean Richard
  • Flow Fest 2021
  • Labor Day Celebration 2022 - Sean Richard

What to Bring

Yoga Mat