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Returns 2023
Start your morning by taking part in an in-depth yoga experience, then fuel your prana with a specially catered brunch. Engage in unique yoga interpretations ranging from workshops to immersive flows followed by brunch with a choice of mimosa or kombucha.

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9:30am: Yoga Class at South Ridge Pavilion
10:30am: Brunch at Trail Center.


November 13th


Trail Center

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  • Catering - Sean Richard
  • 2Q9A9993
  • Catering - Sean Richard
  • Flow Fest 2021
  • Labor Day Celebration 2022 - Sean Richard

Class Descriptions


The Winter is a powerful time to go inward. In nature this is when the trees, plants and the earth seemingly go into hibernation. This is partially true, the other part of this truth is that underneath the surface all the most powerful revitalization is happening. During this practice we will explore a powerful yoga flow that will bring your energy and heat to the surface so that we can melt through any blockages and get to our center and explore what’s underneath our surface.

Taught by Victoria Martinez


Mindful Slow Flow Forrest Bath

Enjoy a Vinyasa Flow class while soaking in the natural surroundings. Brian will guide you through a series of poses that will invite you to connect deeply with nature through your senses. With South Ridge as your beautiful container, you will have the opportunity to move with connected awareness of nature’s many gifts. As fall unfolds, you will have the special opportunity to be in flow with the changes of the season.

Taught by Brian Strahine

What to Bring

Yoga Mat