GL-FH Photographer: Gina Lucrezi Location: Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness, CO
My idea of a lucrative lifestyle is gathering as much outdoor experience and adventure as possible. I’ve never been one for the accumulation of “things”, and I don’t believe a person’s worth is measured by their materials. This world offers amazing playgrounds that charge you nothing more than your will and desire to explore. When you are in the wild, you are free to experience whatever your heart desires. You are able to think what you want, listen to what you want, see what you want. The exploration of nature is a gateway to the understanding and discovery of one’s self. Getting lost in the trees deep within the mountains is where I feel most vulnerable and most alive. I’m at the mercy of Mother Nature’s challenges, and it is here where I uncover my true mental and physical capabilities. With every mountain, desert and forest explored, learn something new. Leave the trailhead feeling satisfied and bathed in the richness of life (this will resemble mud and sweat). Blend back with the societal “rat race, “ but stand out in happiness and fulfillment. My hope is for more people to embrace the outdoors while learning about themselves and their potential. The value of recognizing your true self is priceless and the opportunities for exploration are endless. - Gina Lucrezi is a professional ultra-trail runner who recently completed her first 100-mile race at the 2015 Western States 100. Learn more about Gina at
GL-2 Photographer: Gina Lucrezi Location: Moab, UT
GL-3 Photographer: Gina Lucrezi Location: Red Rocks, CO
GL-6 Photographer: Gina Lucrezi Location: Green Mountain, CO
GL-5 Photographer: Gina Lucrezi Location: Carbondale, CO